15 Hottest Pictures Of Former Playboy Model And Trump Supporter, Sara Underwood

Most of you know that Sara Underwood, also known as Sara Jean Underwood, is one of the hottest blondes in the entertainment world right now. She’s acted in a few lowbrow movies and starred in that unforgettable Carl’s Jr. commercial with Emily Ratajkowski. But what really launched her career is her time with Playboy and her title of Playmate of the Year.

What most people don’t know about Sara, though, is her love of the great outdoors. Sara has traveled to some of the most scenic destinations in the country. She’s an avid camper, and hikes far into the hills to witness the finest vista points. All along the way, Sara wears something very revealing, takes a few hot photographs, and posts them on Instagram.

Lately, however, Sara has taken her outdoor photos beyond Insta and other social media outlets. She now offers an exclusive club that funds her journeys and allows its members to see exclusive and personal images, including personal Snaps. If you are a loyal fan, you may consider purchasing a plan. But many casual fans like us already have plenty to ogle. Here are some of Sara’s best pics that showcase her wonderful figure while she goes camping and hiking in the great outdoors.

15. Setting Up Camp

Look at this beautiful shot of our favorite blonde playmate all settled in at camp. She has her tent pitched and hiking boots on. She must have already hiked quite a while to find a site with such a breathtaking view. Most sites like these are not easy to find. We’re not sure where she is, but it might be the mountains of the northwest. One reason Sara likes camping so much is because she was born and raised in Oregon. If you’ve ever met an Oregonian, you know how much they value gardening, camping, forestry, hot springs, and the mountains. People from Oregon are so in touch with nature that they often get stereotyped as hippies. And sometimes there is truth in the stereotype. When Oregon legalized “wacky tobacky,” the beaver state annihilated the sales totals previously set by Colorado and Washington DC combined.

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