With 3 Amazing Words, Trump Sinks ObamaCare For GOOD!

Despite what the fake news outlets tell you, President Trump is working nicely in his capacity with the GOP to repeal and replace ObamaCare – giving the clearest statement yet that the end is near for ObamaCare.

In fact, the President has even taken to Twitter to reassure the American public that it’s only positives coming out of the GOP and White House.

But, it gets even better with President Trump meeting with conservative Republican lawmakers at the White House today – he declared that “ObamaCare is dead”.

That’s right – OBAMACARE IS DEAD!

Trump’s comments come as he reiterates his support for the American Health Care Act

The president claimed everyone in the room was convinced to support the bill after “certain changes” were made.

The legislation is expected to move through the House next week. Trump then lambasted the Affordable Care Act, saying it’s “going to implode” unless it receives massive subsidies.

“Only because everyone knows it’s on its last legs, the fake news is trying to say good things about it,” he said.

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