32% Of African Refugees Settled In U.S.A Reportedly HATE This Country!

A report by the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration has issued a startling warning for the United States regarding its current refugee programme. 

Completed in November 2016, the report states that from “March 2011 to March 2016”, 32% of all African refugees admitted into the United States did not want to come to this country as their first choice! Even worse, the report states that after 1 year in the United States, that same 32% disliked the United States and felt strong feelings or “hate and/or dislike” for the United States, its people and its customs.

Are you serious!!! Rex Jones a representative for the State Department said that the results were concerning, but that “it’s understandable for some refugees that there may be strong feelings of dislike for a new country, as they are still mourning for what they’ve lost (in Africa).”

Rex Jones: We are working hard on the problem of “dissatisfied refugees.”

Surely this is why President Trump has implemented his ban? If these people are coming to our country and hate it, who knows what kind of crazy ideology and belief systems they bring with them!

Sharia law? Anyone listening??

Jones said the State Department would reach out to recently settled African refugees to try and improve the quality of life for refugees in the United States and their feelings of “dissatisfaction.”


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