Amazing 25 Second Video Of A Refugee Discussing Trump That CNN Does NOT Want You To See!

The leftist and mainstream media are trying so hard to convince us that Trump is banning all Muslims from the United States, but, that’s not true – it’s just another mainstream lie! So here’s something they won’t show, a NY refugee discussing President Trump!

The refugee is Hameed Khalid Darweesh, she was detained at the JFK airport on Saturday. While liberals protested in the terminals, she was involved in an exchange with CNN that they’ve decided not to show! Here’s why – watch:

As you see, the exchange is as follows:

Reporter 1: “What do you think of America?”

Darweesh: “America is the greatest nation, the greatest people in the world. (Applause)

Reporter 2: “What do you think of Donald Trump?”

Darweesh: “I like him! But I don’t know…this is a policy..I don’t know. He’s the President and I’m a normal person.”

So why doesn’t CNN show this? She likes President Trump! God bless her y’all!

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