AMAZING Moment Bystanders Cheers On Police As They Break Up Anti-Trump Protest!

God bless the men and women of our police forces! They really do a fantastic job, and it’s great to see them being recognized – such as when they broke up an anti-Trump protest in Portland, Ore on Wednesday.

Portland Police Bureau officers in riot gear emerged from behind a stopped bus to confront the protesters, who were blocking traffic in the city’s downtown area near the intersection of Southwest Yamhill and 6th Avenue.

Police threw several protesters to the ground as people watching cheered them on and thanked them, according to Fox 12 Oregon.

“Take them all down!” one man was heard yelling.

“Thank you for doing your jobs guys, appreciate it,” another said.

Portland police said 14 people in total were arrested throughout the city in connection with protests, with six coming at Southwest Yamhill and 6th Avenue.

But take a look at the BEST moment – as police break up the street protest, bystanders cheers as their “tantrum” is broken up! Epic stuff!


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