AMAZING! Trump Proves He’s The People’s President! What He Did On Stage Was Beautiful!

President Trump has told us he will be a president for the American people, and he’s introduced policy that shows he loves our country – but at his rally in Orlando, he took it even further proving for real that he is our president – the people’s president!

While speaking in Orlando, and in the middle of the speech, Trump spotted a supporter in a Trump t-shirt. Trump also recognized him from a previous media interview. The man was Gene Huber, who arrived at the venue at 4am to see the president.

While most presidents, like Obama would just give him a wave or ignore him all together – Trump is not like most presidents!

To the delight of the crowd, and to the surprize of the Secret Service, Trump invited the man on stage to meet him personally and speak to the audience!

Wow! You could see the man was so shocked he was almost in tears – watch:

Gene managed to address the crowd where he said:

“We the people, our movement, is the reason why our president of the United States is standing here today. When president Trump, during the election promised all these things he was going to do for us… I knew he was going to do these things for us!”



Now the media can say all they like about Trump, but this is a president for the people! He doesn’t care what spin the media puts on it!




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