American flag burnt in the streets of Somalia

Bangladeshi Muslims burn a U.S. flag during a protest in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012. The protest was held against an obscure movie made in the United States called "Innocence of Muslims" that mocked Islam's Prophet Muhammad. (AP Photo/A.M.Ahad)

Millions of Somalis took to the streets on Tuesday to support the terrorist attack at Ohio State, burning the flag of America and chanting, “Death to America,” according to multiple regional reports.

Hoards of Somalis could be seen in the streets in cities across the country. They waved signs advocating the destruction of America and also rallied in support of the Lone terrorist.

Somalia has become a hotbed of extremist Muslim activity due to a lack of organized government and years of civil war. An unnamed US official who works in the area said.

“Somalia is the new Afghanistan for radical extremists. Groups are well funded due to the lucrative kidnapping and boat high jacking trade. Also with years of civil war there are stockpiles of unused weapons and ammunition. It is utopia for terrorists”

With years of Homeland security cut backs by the Obama administration, officials are struggling to monitor all people coming out of the area, “we are finding it difficult to check everyone coming into America and unfortunately people like Abdul Razak Ali Artan get in and destroy people’s lives

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