‘American Sniper’ Widow Stands Up For Fallen SEAL’s Widow Who Was ATTACKED By Michael Moore!

As reported by Freedom Liberty News – liberals such as Bill Maher and Michael Moore have been quick to attack the window of fallen Navy SEAL William ‘Ryan’ Owens.

Taya Kyle who lost her hero husband Chris Kyle, shared her thoughts about those comments during an interview where she proudly stood up for Owens and his wife, Carynn Owens.

Speaking to Martha MacCallum on Fox News she said


“Y’know just listening to those clips I have this myriad of emotions going through me,” she began. “I can tell you that when I hear the applause and when I hear the words being spoken about Ryan [Owens], I’m not thinking about politics in the slightest. What I’m thinking is my heart is pounding and I have chills because it’s truth.”

Because this is a silent professional and his intensely private family who gave everything. They never wanted recognition. And if somebody now that he’s gone wants to get up and thank him for his sacrifice, for his service, to tell the world his name, to tell the world he’s out there serving, then God bless them.

And for his beautiful wife to get up there, she’s so private. For her to get up there and say, I’m gonna do this because I love my husband, and because he’s worthy of this praise, he deserves this recognition, and for once, he doesn’t have to the silent person.

But she saved her words for Michael Moore till last:

“Y’know you ask me my feelings about what Michael Moore said,” she continued, “it makes me sick to my stomach, it makes me angry, because he’s saying two things when he says that to me. He’s saying, A, she’s a fool, and doesn’t know she’s being used, and that’s ridiculous it couldn’t be farther from the truth. And it’s also saying that this wasn’t warranted, and that in some way this always has to be political.”


President Trump’s tribute was patriotic and beautiful. If you didn’t like it, you probably don’t like the USA or our values!

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