Australian ‘Comedian’ Jim Jeffries Loses It – Tells Piers Morgan To ‘F**K Off’ For Supporting Trump

This is what we get now for supporting President Trump. Vile abuse – but hey, we’re not the snowflakes, we put up with 8 years of Obama and did you see us crying on the streets? Telling Anderson Cooper to ‘f**k off’? No!

Appearing on “Real Time” with Bill Maher, the debate started with Maher asking the question: “The people who said, during the campaign, that Hillary Clinton was the lesser of two evils — could we get the apology right now?”

Piers Morgan then responded to this by saying “why why should we apologise”. Bill Maher then said that Trump’s outrageous refugee ban was a major example of why people should apologise for voting for Trump.

The major point of contention was when Piers Morgan said that it was not a muslim ban.Of course this triggered people and caused the Australian comedian Jim Jeffries to say “F**k off of course it’s a muslim ban”.

Piers Morgan reacted on his twitter with this reply:

But of course, more of the left joined in with J.K Rowling adding:

But of course, Piers had his own saved for the famous author:

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