Awesome President Trump Just OBLITERATED Lindsey Graham and John McCain in 2 Amazing Tweets!

Ever since the election John McCain and Lindsay Graham have been running around trying to rally support against President Trump! And this week, they probably thought they were going to look great when they released their joint statement claiming that Trump’s immigration ban is a “”self-inflicted wound in the fight against terrorism.” Well! Game on! President Trump has a reply for those two…President Trump blasted him the best way he knows how – Twitter! It’s straight to the point, comes directly from Trump himself and it isn’t filtered by the mainstream media! He wrote:

Let us just made one thing clear, we agree with Donald Trump 100% and while this is America and people do have, and can have differing opinions, both McCain and Graham are complete jokes! It’s one thing to have a differing opinion, but without any facts, it’s just rubbish!

Once again, President Trump is 100% correct!


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