Bad Sports? Patriots Duo Refusing To Meet Trump

US president Donald Trump plans to welcome the New England Patriots to the White House to honour their fifth Super Bowl win, if any players actually turn up.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said today that Trump was looking forward to hosting the team. He called the Patriots’ 34-28 win over the Falcons a “spectacular game.”

The Super Bowl-winning team traditionally visits the White House. But some players have already said they won’t attend this year, the first time Trump will be the host.

Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett has said he won’t attend. And Patriots defensive back Devin McCourty told Time Magazine that he would skip it as well.

“People know how I feel about it.” Bennett has previously told reporters, “I don’t support the guy in the [White House].”

Team owner Robert Kraft is a supporter of Trump and attended a dinner in Washington for him before the inauguration.

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