“Be Afraid” – Armed Muslim Sits Outside Christian Conference Telling Facebook Live Followers He Will Kill Americans (VIDEO)

Hundreds of Christians gathered at a conference in South Dakota were shocked to discover that an armed Muslim waiting in a parked vehicle outside, was preparing to kill them. Broadcasting his gun collection to his Facebook Live followers.Pamela Geller, reported the man, Ehab Jabar, to police and conference organizers. Jabar showed up with a Quran and some serious firepower. His arsenal included a handgun and an automatic weapon, of which has not been confirmed by police.

He was first noticed filming the conference when a police officer asked him to stop, at this point Jabar became threatening, and admitted to having a concealed gun.

Watch below:

Jabar was then asked to leave, however while doing so he continued to broadcast to his Facebook Live account in which he threatened non-Muslim Americans while showing off his hand guns.

“Be afraid” and “be terrified” are the phrases he used to intimidate Christians in this country, as well as repeating “be scared” while displaying his weapons in front of the camera.

What makes the incident even worse is that he was allowed to leave despite making several threats to kill and harm Christian Americans.

This man is a terrorist!

Could anyone imagine if this had been a black American or Christian? This man should be in jail for the rest of his life!

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