BIG NEWS! Trump Has Pelosi On The Ropes! She Just Told A HUGE Lie To Cover Herself!

Since President Donald Trump made the assertion via his twitter page that former President Barrack Obama illegally ordered a wiretap on Trump Tower – Democrats all over the country have been making wild claims to divert the attention off themselves.The latest is Nancy Pelosi who continues to appear on national television in an attempt to cover herself.

But it’s looking more and more desperate, and now she’s just lying!

During her appearance on “CBS This Morning,” the Democratic lawmaker slammed President Donald Trump for his allegation that former President Barack Obama ordered wiretapping against him during the presidential campaign.

However, it was Pelosi’s false assertion that FBI Director James Comey had “spoken out” publicly against Trump’s claim — and the CBS anchors’ decision not to correct her — that was most curious.

Host Anthony Mason asked: “Do you think FBI Director James Comey should speak out publicly about this?”

He did. He has spoken out,” Pelosi erroneously stated. “He said that they should retract that statement, as I understand what I’ve seen in the press.”

“He has — he’s very courageous — to protect the integrity of the FBI, he has spoken out against it,” she continued.

But that’s a LIE – that is not true! Comey has not publicly “spoken out”. However, the CBS hosts – mainstream at its worst, let the claim go without any challenge!


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