Bill Maher Now Calls Trump ‘President Bats**t’, Claims Russian Election Interference Is ‘FACT’ (VIDEO).

In his latest opening monologue, the host of HBO show ‘Real Time’, Bill Maher called the President of the United States, ‘President Bats**t’. 

Not only this, Maher tells his Liberal crowd that the Russians did interfere in the U.S elections and that is a “fact”. This is applauded by the crowd.

Fact? Where is the evidence, Bill?

Continuing on with his rant, Maher continuing to call Trump, President Bats**t, calls out Mike Pence, claiming he “eats more sh*t than a goat”.

Watch it here:

Maher, the famous liberal who proudly announces that he would never marry and loves smoking marijuana has clearly become deluded thanks to his hippie liberal lifestyle.

Our only message to Maher is – you’ve lost it! It’s time to retire!

Share this everywhere – let’s get people calling for his retirement! He sucks!


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