Bill O’Reilly Has A Message For Democrats That CNN Won’t Show You! Watch Here:

With anything the Republicans and President Trump do these days, we can expect the left to start an aggressive smear campaign against it. Just look at their ridiculous complaints about the immigration ban – that is just sensible politics and a matter of national security!

But Bill O’Reilly has had enough and he’s issued a warning following Trump’s new Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch.

O’Reilly told his audience that if the left tries to smear and discret Gorsuch then it will be the end of them! Judge Gorsuch is a strong Christian and a strong constitutional conservative judge – he’s exactly what the United States needs!

For the Democrats, to turn down Judge Gorsuch would be a death sentence to their future, and O’Reilly knows it – but will CNN take notice?? No!

What do y’all think of Judge Gorsuch?


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