Black Director Spike Lee DESTROYS Black Lives Matter Movement

Many of our country’s big cities have been ensnared by the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which is supposedly trying to overcome police brutality aimed at minorities. But director Spike Lee has angered many supporters by circulating a conservative response.

No one would consider Spike Lee a conservative, but he’s one of the few that is actually trying to point attention to the problem of “black on black crime” instead of simply blaming racism from white people for all of the bad outcomes in the black community.

 And they are not happy about it!!

Here’s Spike Lee saying that the skin color of the finger that pulls a trigger doesn’t matter:

Just the very mention of “black on black” crime will send black activists into a rage because they think it’s a deflection from white racism, but as Lee points out, it’s a real problem that the community needs to address.

Here’s a smattering of the response on Twitter to Spike Lee and his movie (WARNING, strong language):

What do you think? Will Spike Lee’s message on black-on-black crime be snuffed out by the Militant Liberal Left?

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