Blessed! What The Pope Asked Melania That Made Everyone Laugh

There was truly an amazing moment in between President Trump, Melania and Pope Francis when they met in the Vatican on Wednesday.

The Pope on meeting President Trump, turned to Melania and asked “what do you give him to eat”. The joke was in reference to Trump’s height.

He then said: “Potizza?” Melania laughed. The first lady responded with laughter.

Potizza is a high-calorie pastry served in Melania Trump’s home country of Slovenia during holidays as a special treat. The pope laughed back, seemingly happy his joke was so well received by the president’s wife.

Watch it here:

What a funny, but beautiful moment. We are proud Christians at Freedom Liberty and we love seeing our amazing First Family meeting the Pope. President Trump tweet this about their meeting:

Jesus has well and truly returned to the White House and the United States! Share if you agree. Amen.

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