BOOM! Trump lines up liberal Chicago mayor and destroys him!

We all know the crime rate in Chicago is a complete disgrace and Trump made no secret of that when he pledged during the election campaign to fix “inner city crime”. The appointment of Ben Carson to his team is reflective of his desire to lower out of control crime rates.

But Trump has taken particular offence at Chicago’s crime rate, and so he should, in 2016 Chicago alone had 4,331 murder victims and 762 murders! That is a disgrace.

But the man in charge of Chicago on a salary of more than $200k, Democrat Rham Emanuel, has done NOTHING to curb the rising crime rate so Trump came out swinging! In a post added to Facebook & Twitter, Trump advised “Chicago murder rate is record setting…if Mayor can’t do it he must ask for Federal help!”

Donald Trump takes a dig at the Democrat Chicago Mayor.

Emanuel has not responded to request for comment, but we believe he’s probably lost for words!

What do y’all think? Should Trump take control and fix the crime rate in Chicago?!

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