Border Wall Update – White House Reveals Latest Developments – It’s GREAT NEWS!

As promised by President Donald J. Trump on the campaign trail, the border wall will be built. And further developments released today by the White House are a sign of great things to come.

White House officials have released the preliminary guidelines for the Mexican border wall. These are, the minimum requirements needed by President Trump for the wall to proceed.

These are:

  • The wall must be 30 feet high at minimum.
  • It must look imposing from the Mexican side and tasteful from the American side.
  • Plans will be accepted for both concrete and non-concreate walls.
  • As reported by The Washington Times, Trump’s budget plans allows for a partition to span as far as 2,000 miles along the border.

To make things even sweeter, blueprints released also request that the wall is strong, and at minimum would take at least 1 hour to break through.



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