MORE BOYCOTTS NEEDED! Is Liberal-Corporate America Trying To Ruin Trump?

They’re either left-wing or weak, but more U.S retailers are continuing to pull Trump associated items from shelves following the earlier dumping of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line by Nordstrom. 

As reported by Reuters, Sears and Kmart are discontinuing online sales of 31 Trump Home items! Sears and its wholly owned subsidiary, Kmart, disclosed their decision on Saturday, saying it was part of a push to focus their online business on the most profitable items.

Reuters reports “The developments were the latest in a week of controversy swirling around commercial activity connected to the Trump name. And the moves may be a rare sign of companies taking calculated risks in making business decisions that might invite criticism from President Donald Trump’s Twitter account.”

Well, we hope President Trump does make a statement regarding this on his twitter account! Simply, these companies are crumbling to liberal pressure and media! Take a stand! We will, we are boycotting Sears & Kmart! No more!

Thankfully President Trump has already called out the unfair behavior, of both companies and media and will continue to do so. We have his, and Ivanka’s back!


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