BRЕAKING: Chеck оut Whаt Shооtеr Аsked Befоrе Hе Shоt Аt Cоngrеssman; Yоu’rе Nоt Gоnna Likе This Fоlks

What the socialist shooter asked his victims before firing should worry ALL Americans as it cuts directly to the core of our democracy.

Before Rep. Steve Scalise and four others were shot during baseball practice, a man stopped to ask the group if
they were Republicans or Democrats?

The rumor began when CNN’s Rebecca Berg tweeted that Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina “to give a statement to police regarding a conversation he had with the shooter before leaving practice early.” Berg added, “The man was wearing running clothes, asked Duncan, “Are those Republicans or Democrats out there practicing?”

The suspect in the shooting has been identified as James T. Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois.

While Rep. Ron DeSantis of Florida told Fox Business:

We reported to police that there was a gentleman that confronted us when we were going to our car and he wanted to know whether it was Republicans or Democrats that were out there. We said it was Republicans and he kind of started walking to the field.

I don’t know if that was the guy, but I think it’s important to put that information out there and it was a little bit different than someone would do that. He was really interested in wanting to know who was out there.

Rep. Jeff Flake described the gunman as wearing jeans, not running clothes

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