BREAKING – Court Rules Not All Refugees Are Genuine!

In a developing story, a German court has today ruled that not all Syrians who arrive in Germany should be given asylum status as they may NOT be genuine refugees.

Following the so-called Syrian refugee crisis in which millions left their homeland to settle around Europe, Germany led by their leader Angela Merkel, employed an ‘open door policy’ to all and anyone claiming refugee status. This saw German borders flooded with Syrians who were automatically given entry into the country.

Following today’s revelations it is understood German officials have been stunned by these developments and are now begining the long and near impossible task of determining HOW MANY ISIS sympathisers are in their country.

You read that right – German officials aren’t wondering IF ISIS is in their country, but rather HOW MANY!

This is just disturbing!  Innocent lives are now at risk because of the foolishness of their political leaders – who of course are liberal and are closely associated internationally with Barack Obama. See the photo below of President Obama with the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.


It is unknown what impact this will have on the Obama administration and their immigration policy, but if there is one thing we are sure of, we are happy Trump is not far away from taking his seat in the Oval Office!

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