BREAKING: George Soros Funding Berkeley Riots & More!!!

Since the election of President Trump the protests from the left have becoming increasing more common and more violent in their approach, from property damage to violent assaults.

One thing that many conservative Americans have noticed has the frequency in which these have begun to occur since the Trump inauguration on January 20. Peter Cullen, a sociologist from Texas State University believes the protests are too well organized to simply be a random gathering of leftists, or something casually created over social media.

George Soros: He has been behind a number, if not all, anti-Trump protests.

“There is certainly an element of professionalism to what they’re doing” says Cullen. “Every one of these protests has some very commons themes associated with the ‘rent-a-crowd’ style of protesting that we saw¬†during the election. One of which is that they have only 1 to 5 goals (property damage, chanting, violence, crime, threats) centered on a very specific grievance”.

No doubt, it was during the protests at Berkeley and during the Trump inaugural we saw the same thing. Anti-Trump and conservative rhetoric, a large gathering in a single location and then it turns into an all-out-attack. Property damage and violent assaults were common.

Peter Cullen believes, as it has already been proven in some instances that George Soros, a billionaire liberal is behind many of the protests. Soros he believes invested so heavily in the Clinton campaign that he trying desperately to gain back his lost investment.

“Billionaires don’t waste money on causes to just lose” says Cullen, “Soros is a savvy investor, he’s done this before, and we can see he is not stopped”.

This is why we patriots need to be alert. Our democracy and freedoms are sacred and unique to the United States! We must stand up to big money liberals like Soros who should be arrested for causing so much harm to our country!



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