BREAKING: Security Breach At White House – Look At Who Was Caught On White House Grounds!

A man has been arrested late Friday night after jumping the fence at the White House.

The intruder who was carrying a backpack, hopped a fence around midnight. Thankfully, Secret Service officers apprehended the man whose identity remains unknown, near the south entrance to the executive residence.

However, some media outlets are suspecting the man may be of Middle Eastern descent! Even more worrying, President Trump was in residence at the White House at the time of the incident.

No injuries to the intruder or to the Secret Service have been reported.

“Following established protocols, the south and north grounds of the White House complex were searched by Secret Service Uniformed Division officers. Nothing of concern to security operations was found,” reported the Secret Service.

The area in which the intruder was caught is located near the South Lawn, an 18-acre area where Marine One lands and takes off.

While security has returned to normal and there was no harm to the Secret Service or the President.

We are praying for him and for his safety, may he continue to guide America towards greatness! We also hope this plays as a sharp reminder that America must never take its security for granted.

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