BREAKING: Trump’s First Illegal Immigrant Raid Underway…

President Trump’s election campaign which was built around strong immigration policy, is now in full swing following his January 20 inauguration with news out of Austin, Texas that the first deportation process is now gearing up!

There’s an active US Immigration and Customs Enforcement operation in Austin Texas. The Trump administration and ICE are collaborating to begin the first round of illegal immigrant deportations.

Immigration attorneys and democrat activists around the city expressed concerns today, they are in full panic.

The Austin Chronicle reports:

“According to the Immigrant Services Network of Austin, which published a news bulletin on Wednesday about the rumored raid, ICE has reportedly deployed four teams of five to 10 officers in Travis County. The federal agency is allegedly lodging detainers for any foreign-born individual in a county jail, and are detaining and arresting people who have criminal warrants or outstanding orders of removal.”

This is fantastic news, while some Democrat judges are trying to halt Trump’s country ban, he can still remove the illegals from the United States!

Bless him!


One thought on “BREAKING: Trump’s First Illegal Immigrant Raid Underway…

  • 02/05/2017 at 5:36 pm

    Awesome !! Way to Go President TRUMP !!!!!


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