Bye Bye Transgenders! Trump Just Fixes Obama’s HUGE Bathroom MISTAKE!

President Trump has ended this strange bathroom social experiment!

President Donald Trump’s administration has revoked landmark guidance issued to public schools in defence of transgender student rights, reversing course on a signature initiative of former Democratic President Barack Obama.

Obama instructed public schools in May 2016 to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms matching their chosen gender identity, threatening to withhold federal funding if they should force transgender children to use bathrooms against their will.

The Obama guidelines had already been put on hold by a federal judge, but the Trump administration went ahead and withdrew them. The Justice and Education departments will continue to study the legal issues involved, according to the new, superseding guidance that will be sent to public schools across the country.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said the White House was pressed to act now because of the pending US Supreme Court case, G.G. versus Gloucester County School Board.

That case pits a Virginia transgender boy, Gavin Grimm, against officials who want to deny him use of the boys’ room at his high school.

Although the Justice Department is not a party in the case, it typically would want to make its views heard. The Trump administration action on Wednesday (local time) also withdrew an Education Department letter in support of Grimm’s case.

It is likely the move will have far reaching effects with schools getting rid of transgenders bathrooms now that the federal government is no longer backing this social engineering program.

Another win for Trump!

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