Carrier Staff Want To Vote Now For ‘Trump 2020’!

You can’t blame them, can you? Only 6 months ago and still well and truly under a Obama Presidency, Carrier staff were told by their then President that there was nothing that could be done to save their jobs, and keep them in America.

But along came Trump, promising he would keep Carrier jobs in the U.S. After his election victory, Trump did just that – announcing he had brokered a deal to Carrier jobs in the U.S

But what has this meant for those Carrier employees? Larry Cairns, a Carrier employee for 16 years said the staff at Carrier broke down when the deal was announced, “..we weren’t sad, we were just so, so happy. 6 months ago when Obama came and told us nothing could be done, we accepted that, some of us had looked at selling our homes and leaving the state. But Trump, he kept his word”.

But Cairns, speaking on behalf of his colleagues said that Trump would be repaid for what he had done asking “do you know if we can vote for Trump in 2020 now? We really want to know, seriously, he has just done us wonders. What a Christmas gift.”

Larry Cairns: Wants to vote for Trump 2020, already.

God Bless – to all Carrier staff, we wish we could vote for Trump for 2020 now as well.

What a great story!

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