CAUGHT! Obama’s Sidekick Loretta Lynch Is Undermining Trump!

Following the news that President Trump used his Twitter account to drop the explosive allegation that former President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower there are still some very important questions remaining. Especially around the role of Obama’s former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

While working for Obama, Lynch was ordered the rules about shared intelligence be changed just days before Trump took office.

The change allowed the National Security Agency to share raw information with the FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies – this move alone would create a greater possibility of leaks.

The change was examined by Bill O’Reilly who asked, “why did Ms. Lynch do that? Did Mr. Obama order the change?” O’Reilly wondered. “We need to know.”

As we all know – as soon as Trump entered the White house, information to the press began to leak. This included his phone calls to the Mexican president, Australian prime minister and a number of other high-level officials.

“So in effect, the Obama administration may have – I emphasize may – created chaos for the Trump administration by allowing unsubstantiated intelligence information to be spread across a number of agencies,” O’Reilly said.

“This is big,” he said. “If that were done to harm the incoming president, Mr. Trump, that’s subversion. So you can see that Congress must get to the bottom of the situation.”

We agree with Bill O’Reilly. Loretta has been caught out – and so has Obama, they purposely worked to derail Trump and it’s clear to see!

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