CAUGHT ON TAPE! Nancy Pelosi Is In Damage Control After This Was Caught On Tape!

This is explosive! Nancy Pelosi is currently in damage control after some disgusting comments were heard on tape at a rally in which she is desperately trying to discredit President Trump & the Republican party!

Telling alongside a Democratic congressman, Pelosi is overheard instructing the congressman to tell them he is a Muslim. This is disgusting!

Clearly, the Democrats don’t have any facts to support their arguments and as usual, try the race card! Pelosi’s “gaffe” happened outside the Supreme Court in front protestors.

Again, disgusting!

Pelosi was speaking to Indiana Rep. Andre Carson. She introduced him as the “Muslim member of Congress”.

Quite clearly this shows the Democrats trying to play the race card to support their own hidden agendas – they are the real racists!

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