Chelsea Handler makes disgusting comments about Mike Pence and family – watch here

In one of her final shows of the year, Chelsea Handler included a segment where she sat on the leg of Santa and requested what she wanted for Christmas (or “holidays” as the liberals would usually say).

In this skit, the Santa character is played by lesbian comic, Fortune Feimster and is known as “lesbo Claus”. This is where it gets truly bizarre.

But it gets worse, during the skit Handler turns political.

Turning her focus to Vice-president elect Mike Pence, Handler asks for VP Pence to get a little something he may not of thought of getting, requesting Pence receive a “gay son for Christmas” from the lesbian ‘comedian’.

(Note, if this woman is considered a ‘comedian’, than liberal comedy is also going down the toilet).

Don’t you think this is bizarre and completely offensive! We think so! You can watch here, but please note some of the language and scenarios suggested is not suitable for children!

Do you think Mike Pence deserve some respect? Especially at Christmas!

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