CHICAGO! Help Is Coming! Trump Just Sent His Strike Force To Chicago!

President Trump is wasting no time in helping Chicago. Only a week ago he promised to send in the feds if the city failed to correct it’s crazy crime problem! Well, HERE the COME!

Today Trump ordered the ATF to send in a “Special Task Force” from DC of 20 top agents to form the new Chicago Crime Guns Strike Force.

A spokesperson for ATF said:

‘ATF is exploring various options as we are committed to furthering law enforcement efforts in Chicago.’

‘One of those options is to send additional agents to Chicago on permanent transfers. ATF is still early in the process of developing strategies and will be prepared to discuss these options further once plans are finalized.’

While the move came as a total surprise to Mayor Rham Emmanuel, he’s even asked for more agents (FBI & DEA) to help join the fight!

That’s all we need to see! Chicago has suffered for too long under Democrat politicians. It’s time for a real leader to sort them out. This is no surprise, it’s the job of the Republican to fix the liberal screw up!

This is history repeating! Good work, President Trump!



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