Chris Pratt – You Have To Read What He Said About Christian Conservatives!

Hollywood. It’s a funny old place, isn’t it? For most of us looking in, it seems that almost everyone is anti Christian, anti republican and always, anti conservative.

But Chris Pratt, the star of Parks & Recreation and Jurassic Park, is someone that we think deserves our respect! Following the release of Jurassic Park, Pratt announced he was a proud Christian Conservative, but not only that, going on to say he was a gun supporter AND hunting advocate who NEVER makes any apologies for his political and religious views.

Wow! We like the sound of this.

Demonstrating his belief in God, Pratt’s wife, Anna Faris gave birth to their son 9 weeks premature & while doctor’s feared their son would suffer years of ill health, Chris and Anna stayed with their son and prayed to God throughout his stay in hospital.

“It restored my faith in God, not that it needed to be restored, but it really redefined it” said Pratt.

The good news? Their son survived the ordeal and is now a healthy wee boy.

For some more amazing – check out this clip of Pratt and his son here. You won’t regret it!

God bless.

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