Christians Are Being Targeted And Killed By Islamic State In Egypt’s Sinai Villages

Reuters has released a disgusting account of the danger facing Eyptian Christians, beginning with the story of civil servant Adel Munir, who found himself on a list of Christians marked for death by the Islamic State

The first person on the list, shopkeeper Wael Youssef, was killed on Jan. 30. The Munirs barricaded themselves inside their house “like rats in a hole,” Munir Munir recalled last week.

Within a month, four more Christians in the town had been shot dead, one beheaded and another burned to death. After the seventh killing, the Munirs finally fled. Their father insisted on staying behind.

A shift in Islamic State’s tactics from attacking soldiers and police to targeting Christian civilians has become a potential turning point in a country trying to halt a provincial insurgency from spiraling into wider sectarian bloodshed.

Islamic State’s branch in Egypt, which has waged a low-level conflict for years by attacking security forces mostly in the Munirs’ native North Sinai province, has issued a new message inciting attacks on Christians across Egypt.

The brutal tactics of ISIS have been effective, driving about 145 Christian families from the targeted area. More accounts of the purge can be found at CBN News:

Said Sameh Adel Fawzy wasn’t taking any chances and fled the Sinai after ISIS fighters barged into his uncle’s home and shot him and his son dead.

“Last Thursday, my cousin went to open the door after he heard someone knocking,” Fawzy recalled. “He found masked terrorists with a pistol who took him inside and shot him in the head.”

“When my aunt heard the sound of his body falling on the floor she came from her room and yelled: ‘What did you do to my son?’” he continued. “They took her out to the street barefooted and in her pajamas, then went back for her husband and killed him.”

Even worse, some of the families who spoke to Reuters said Muslim neighbors who were not linked to the Islamic State have been emboldened by ISIS rhetoric to attack them and even seize their property after they flee to escape ISIS. The L.A. Times quotes other Christian refugees who thanked Muslim neighbors for hiding them from terrorist attackers and helping them find shelter.

What we are seeing here is new. There has always been violence against Christians but it was usually for a ‘reason’ like land disputes. Now Christians are killed just for being Christians,” said researcher Ishak Ibrahim of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights. “Militants are sending the government a message; saying they can change part of the country’s demographics. This is a dangerous precedent.”

What Ibrahim means is that ISIS is slaughtering Christians — literally going door-to-door and murdering Christians who answer a knock on the door, tooling down the streets in pickup trucks flying ISIS flags

These people are clearly blood thirsty – and are killing Christians at will! We must stop Islamic state before it’s too late!

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