CNN Says Trump Has The Lowest Approval Ratings Ever…. Well Explain This!!!! WILL SHOCK YOU!

If you’ve spent anytime watching CNN, you’re going to hear that at this point in his presidency, Trump has the worst polling ever! His approval ratings are in the gutter, the people dislike him and everything he’s done has been a failure. BUT, we know that’s fake news – because this just is not true! Here’s why:

At Trump’s rally at the Orland-Melbourn International Airport hanger thousands upon thousands of Trump voters and fans waiting in huge lines to see the newly elected president.

In fact, some were so desperate to see President Trump that some began lining up at 3am! Twitter users even reported lines lasting over one mile just to get in.

Some have even estimated the crowd at 50,000!

One Twitter user posted a video of the crowd streaming in, saying that “the media will never show you this.”

Will we ever see this on the mainstream news? CNN, NBC…anyone? President Trump is on a roll, who agrees?!

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