This Coal Miner Just Spoke The TRUTH About President Trump – Watch Trump’s Reaction!

After 8 years of Obama lies and corruption, it’s refreshing to have a leader who speaks the truth. Even more so, it’s nice to have Joe Biden gone, replaced by our favorite Christian, Mike Pence! So today, it was only right that we saw an American give back some real feedback to President Trump.

Following Trump’s announcement to keep coal mining going in the U.S and retain their jobs, he kept his election promise and officially repealed an Obama administration regulation that Trump had called a “job-killer”.

Trump said that scrapping the rule – put in place in December to protect waterways from coal mining waste – would save “many thousands [of] American jobs, especially in the mines.”

Flanked by a number of Republicans, Trump also invited a long some coal miners. There to represent the coal industry was Mike Mike Nelson, superintendent of the Marion County Coal Company in West Virginia. Nelson was called up to the podium unexpectedly to make a few remarks.

But Nelson had some great words for President Trump which shocked everyone in the room, but Trump who knew he was going the right thing!

Afterwards, Nelson joined “Fox & Friends” today, saying he believes Trump’s plans will “help turn this industry around” after a “down period” under the Obama administration.

“I’ve been in this industry 40 years. … I’m excited for the people who work in this industry,” he said.

Nelson said coal miners have been promised jobs “for the longest time,” and it hasn’t happened.

“For a politician, such as Donald Trump, to step up and hold good to his promise, is absolutely fantastic. He’s an inspiration to all working Americans,” said Nelson.

God bless you President Trump – thank you.

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