CONFIRMED: Al Franken Is Working With CNN To Impeach Trump!

Democrats who hate President Trump are working closely on a plan to take down Trump – and they believe they have found an opportunity, claiming that if Trump doesn’t ‘get a grip’, they will involve the 25th amendment.

Sen. Al Franken, got the ball rolling with an interview on liberal news network, CNN in which he told ‘State of the Union‘ that a “few Republican colleagues are worried about Trump’s mental health”.

But it gets worse!

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) said Tuesday that the president, any president, should have access to a mental health professional given the pressures of the job. Congress passed a law in 1928 requiring a physician at the White House, but stopped short of requiring a psychiatrist because of the stigma associated with mental illness.

“It is not normal for the president of the United States, within 24 hours, to write about death and destruction and fake news and evil,” he said. “The most troubling aspect of this is it is very clear he has a disconnection from the truth. … The very first press conference he had in this administration, they could have talked about jobs or health care. They talked about crowd size. And then lied about it. It’s one of the most bizarre events I’ve witnessed in politics.”

In combination with this, these Democrats are using CNN to voice their “concerns” and gather support for this ‘campaign’ – look!

So, what is the 25th Amendment that the Democrats are desperately looking to use to destroy Trump? In short, the 25th Amendment means Trump could be impeached if he is declared as ‘incapacitated’.

They’re now using the media to claim Trump’s mental health is at stake!


Everyone who reads this article and supports Trump needs to share this article all over social media. We need to show what these Democrats and their fake news channels are planning.

Everything they show is negative – let’s show them we have Trump’s back! He IS OUR PRESIDENT!! Every citizen in the U.S.A must see this!

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