Confirmed – Jill Stein The Biggest Loser In America? Recount Results

Jill Stein’s election recount has been a complete disaster. The Green Party candidate, as we previously reported by Freedom Liberty News here, requested recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Here’s the latest.

Stein is out of money for the recount in Pennyslvania. Because of this, Stein has taken the matter to Federal Court (good use of their time..) to force the recount. Stein had to drop the case in state court because she couldn’t raise the $1 million bond..

This tells you no one cares and Stein should give up!

President-elect Trump, who will take office in January tweeted that Stein’s recount was just a scam to get money. We agree! What does Jill Stein hope to accomplish?

In the remaining states, early data shows that Trump is maintaining his lead and as he did last month – will win them.

Surprisingly even some Democrats think she has lost her mind. Ed Rendell, a former governor for Pennsylvania and DNC chairman said that Stein’s efforts are a “waste of time”.

You’ve got to wonder why Stein is doing this? As the Green Party leader, is it because she is soo Liberal that she can’t do anything else other than throw a huge public tantrum?

The left are very good at spending everyone else’s money!

Or…is there a higher power, involved here? The Clinton influence perhaps? We will endeavour  to find this out, but rest assured Trump will take the Oval Office in January!

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