Confirmed! These Republicans are stabbing Trump in the back! And supporting Obama!

Whoa! As reported earlier, Sen. Rand Paul has delivered the news that Republicans have been waiting years to do!

During his appearance on Fox News, Paul announced that Republicans had a replacement for Obamacare and were only a matter of days and weeks from implementing it!

However, he also announced the Republicans who are trying to slow and halt this change!

The Republican-led Congress has already taken votes towards repealing Obamacare under a process known as ‘budget reconciliation’. This effectively keeps the Democrats from blocking the effort and requires only the Republican majority to pass.

However, some Senate Republicans are trying to slow and ultimately stop the repeal process! These Republicans are choosing Obama over the Republican party! Obama over Trump!

They are, Susan Collins, Maine; Bob Corker, Tennessee; Rob Portman, Ohio; and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska!

Remember these names! They are cheating the Trump victory and cheering for Obama!

Susan Collins.

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