Crazy Liberals Trying To Overturn Trump Victory!

In only a few days members of the Electoral College will cast their votes for the next president of the United States.

However, we are under no illusion that the loopy left are desperately trying to take Trump’s election victory away from the American public. It started with Jill Stein and now it’s with Obama who is playing the blame game with Russian hacking claims.

But members of the Electoral College have also become targets themselves, receiving death threats via email and phone to try and persuade to not vote Trump. One Texan Republican Elector has already been spammed with over 200,000 emails!

Virginia’s Democratic Rep, Don Beyer has even called for a delay on the vote until the Russian hacking investigation has been completed. Why?

Is this really the America we want? We must work to ensure Trump reaches office in January.

Why not simply share this article & ask that all who read it hashtag #ElectoralCollegeVoteTrump!



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