‘Very Dangerous Game’: Former CIA Agent Warns U.S Agents Who Are Leaking & Working Against Trump!

Confirmed: Intelligence operatives ARE withholding information and are actively trying to ruin and discredit President Trump!

Appearing on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright said that some of the rumors swirling about intelligence operatives withholding information and trying to discredit President Trump are true.

“Some folks are holding information back,” he said, calling the situation “deeply troubling.”

Wright, a Democrat who did not support Trump’s candidacy, said all spies should respect the president and that “the vast majority” execute their work faithfully to that end.

“There are a fair amount of these folks who are engaging in this very, very dangerous game,” Wright said, adding that he supports the president’s efforts to identify them and “throw them in jail.”

When such officers withhold information or try to undermine a sitting president, they put their finger on who wins and loses in the political world, Wright said. “When we see this garbage we’re in deep deep trouble.”

“When we see this garbage, we’re in deep deep trouble.”

Another “rumor” confirmed – again Trump said it, and it’s confirmed!

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