Dem Maxine Waters Just Said Something Sick About Trump That Will Make Him Furious!

Democrat Maxine Waters just went on national television where she made some false claims about President Donald Trump. Quite clearly this is just another Democrat who blames Republicans for everything, and of course…President Trump.

Speaking on MSNBC, a liberal channel and gutter news at best, Waters said there must be a probe into the unsubstantiated dossier that surfaced last month, alleging that Trump could be subject to blackmail from the Russians.

“The coverage they have on him, [the] sex actions … that’s absolutely true,” Waters said, referring to the dossier’s detailed description of claims Trump met with Russian prostitutes.

They should really read it, understand it, analyze it, determine what’s fact,” she added.

No doubt, the fact that a Democrat has sunk this low will leave the president fuming! Who agrees these actions are just harmful to America?!

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