Democrat Fired After Disgusting Tweet About Killed Navy SEAL’s Wife!

As reported, liberals from all over the United States have targeted President Trump for paying tribute to a killed Navy SEAL, claiming his wife was a political ‘prop’.

Trump who offered a beautiful trump to Navy SEAL William ‘Ryan’ Owens, was killed in a raid in Yemen last month.

While Bill Maher and Michael offered equally disgusting comments about Owen’s being in attendance – it was a former Hillary Clinton volunteer who took things too far referring to Carryn Owens as an “idiot”

Dan Grilo’s outrageous tweet was called out by Trump’s son before his whole Twitter account was deleted.

Grilo was then fired from his job at Chicago-based Liberty Advisor Group, which wrote that the tweet was “inconsistent with the Company’s values.”

That’s a great victory – but how long will these Democrats go? President Trump’s speech was perfect and if anyone does not respect our military, or stand to respect them – you are not American!


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