DISGUSTING – Trump Voters Attacked Following Rally – So What Makes Them Think They Can Judge Us?

With all the negative talk lately from the Clinton, Democrat and Liberal camp about how low the Trump campaign allegedly went during the election campaign (of which there is no proof!) it’s probably time for a refresher as to just how low the Liberals and Democrats went during the campaign.

Now, we are dedicated Trump voters – we attend Church on Sundays and describe ourselves as Conservative Christians. We are proud of this. But this video clip makes us so mad!

As the Liberals try to find a connection between Russia, Trump and the election result (of which THERE is NO proof!), it’s a timely reminder to see what the Democrats and Liberals are really like.

This clip shows angry liberal demonstrators attacking and chasing down Trump supporter in the streets, like animals! At one point they even attack a lone, defenceless female.

Please note, some viewers may find that this clip makes them really mad!

Take a watch here, and tell us what you think.


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