Has Donald Trump Destroyed The Diplomats Globalist Plan for The Future?

Donald Trump isn’t one to care about the opinion of the political establishment or Washington D.C diplomats.

This week, the latest in Liberal and international rage has been the phone call he took with the President of Taiwan. Hypocritical of course, as Donald Trump would later point out in a tweet; Obama has been borrowing billions of dollars from the Chinese, and also selling arms to Taiwan – it did seem like an overreaction to a phone call.

However, it would appear that the reason for this is that Donald Trump has upset what had been a carefully laid out plan done in secret by political globalists (example, Barack Obama).

For our sake, Trump’s phone call was a powerful symbol that the United States won’t sit down while the Chinese slowly engulf the rest of the world.

To make matters even worse, the Chinese even responded to the phone call, announcing it was a “petty action.” Adding, “this is but a petty action created by Taiwan. It can never change the ‘one China’ reality that has formed in international society,” said Minister Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Minister.

That’s quite an interesting comment by the Chinese – it sounds like Trump has already rocked the boat. Long may it continue.






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