Donald Trump plans the final humiliation for Lyin’ Hillary Clinton!

With President-elect Trump’s inauguration only a few days away, we can only begin to speculate how the event will run. As only confirmed within the last few days, the Obama’s, Clinton’s and George W. Bush will begrudgingly all attend. However it’s the details of how Trump will touch on their presence that has us all intrigued!

What’s clear is that Trump will use this opportunity to discuss the Obama’s failure as president and Clinton’s fraudulent election campaign and subsequence lies and election recounts. The so-called Russian hacking claim, which was debunked by Julian Assange, may also make an appearance.

Kellyanne Conway, who worked closely with Trump during the campaign and will also enter the White House advised “Trump has a long memory, and he doesn’t forget those who wronged him. But most importantly he doesn’t forget those who wronged America.”

Conway eventually concluded, that for Trump the inauguration would be “both a time to bring in the new, but also disregard the old”.

Wow! We can’t wait!

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