Donald Trump Signs ANOTHER Executive Order – ISIS Are Pissed!! Their Plans Are Ruined!

In what must feel like we are winning too much, President Trump continues to adhere to his elections plans and promises, today signing another executive order that formed a huge part of his election campaign! And with this latest order, ISIS’ plans are ruined!

Today, President Trump signalled that his administration would start vetting would-be immigrants and visitors to the United States based partly on their opinions and ideology!

It will also immediately cease the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the US, according to a draft executive order leaked to civil rights advocates on Wednesday and obtained by The Washington Post.

The order, if enacted, would signal the beginning of the “extreme vetting” that President Trump promised on the campaign trail, as well as partial implementation of the “Muslim ban,” according to civil rights advocates.

The order calls for an immediate 30-day halt to all immigrant and non-immigrant entry of travellers from certain countries whose citizens “would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.”

The countries – designated under several provisions of law that have already singled them out for terrorism links – include Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia.

Y’all! This is great news! The President has just made one his election campaigns a policy!

ISIS, who had been using our Southern Border for terrorists have no where to run now!

Make America Safe Again!

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