Driver Notices Libtards Burning The American Flag. What He Does Next Makes Us Proud To Be Americans

Burning the flag is the modern day equivalent of spitting on your grandmother’s grave. It’s disrespectful and dangerous. You’re not allowed to just light things on fire in public, so why do these hippies who love overregulation find it acceptable to burn anything?

 There are some of us who can’t sit idle when we see American flags being burned. People have given their lives for that flag and to see it intentionally disrespected is infuriating
A video of a flag being rescued from burning will have patriotic Americans cheering. A Fed Ex driver in Iowa is being hailed as a hero after he grabbed some flags from being burned in Iowa City.
 He grabbed the flags and used his fire extinguisher to stop this behavior. Watch him stand up for Old Glory in the video below! Even though there is bad behavior and language in the video below, we wanted you to see how disrespectful these liberals are to our country and our flag.
watch the video here

Good for him! I’m sure liberals will whine to his employer, but the law is actually on his side on this one. Two of the flag burners were arrested and charged with violating Iowa City’s public burn ordinance and may be looking at 30 days in jail and a $625 fine.

Sometimes the good guys do win! Hopefully this sends a lesson to other people looking to burn the flag! Remind these hippies that burning the flag increases their carbon footprint. Maybe they will stop this crap if they understand they are harming “Mother Earth.”

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