DUMB LIBERAL Goes On ‘Don’t Touch Me’ Rant Against Trump Supporter – He Gets Flattened! (VIDEO)

These liberal really have lost their minds, and another example was on CNN with Don Lemon.

Kayleigh McEnany a CNN political commentator and Trump supporter placed her hand on Charles Blow sitting next to her and said “I think some of my left wing counterparts are very unfair to Trump…”

Her comments were level headed and well thought out – but the liberal, Charles Blow actually lost his mind and called what she said “sinister”, following by “you can scoot until you fall off that ledge”.

But McEnany blew Charles Blow out of the water.

Let’s face it, the Democratic party have lost it, their voters have lost it. Their ‘movement’ is dying and we are watching the end!

We are putting this message out there so people can see the hypocrisy they represent!

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