Economy Set to SURGE under Trump. Under Obama, U.S. Growth Worst Since WWII

Well, it certainly looks like we are well and truly basking in the victory of Donald Trump!

Gallup’s ‘Economic Confidence Index’ shot to its highest level in its nine-year history since Donald Trump secured his victory over Lying Hillary Clinton. This also coincides with the American stock market which has also increased following the Trump win.

This is higher than at any point under Obama. As no point was our business sector as confident under Obama as they are now, and again, this is only following the victory – Trump hasn’t taken office yet!

Of course, we’ve already seen the real effects of the Trump victory. Carrier is staying in the USA and so is Ford. These have also given American industry and business a good reason to be optimistic.

And on from this, the stock market rise to record highs shows that American investors are optimistic that the economy will improve as Obama leaves office. This is according to Fox Business correspondent Charles Gasparino.

Gasparino said “(Trump’s) promise to cut both corporate taxes and red will translate into higher corporate profits so businesses can expand and create jobs”.

We like the sound of that! And with Trump coming into office with Republicans controlling the Senate and House, his economic reforms will be swift and positive for the country!

It will be a reality, unlike the disjointed years of Obama! Under Obama the U.S economy never exceeded 3% yearly growth! That’s bad!

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