EPIC! Kellyanne Conway Just DESTROYED Nancy Pelosi In Epic Video That’s Going Viral!

It’s about time White House counselor Kellyanne Conway took aim at the massive hypocrite that is Nancy Pelosi!

As per the video below, Conway during an interview with Fox News host Howard Kurtz blasted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for failing to defend her over sexist comment.

Two week ago, Conway was the subject of a very crude sexual joke by Democrat Rep. Cedric Richmond (La.), who said at a dinner that Conway “really looked kind of familiar in that position” referencing a photo of Conway on her knees on a couch in the Oval Office taking a picture of President Donald Trump and a group of historically black college presidents.

However, when confronted by her caucus member’s remarks during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” last weekend, Pelosi failed to condemn her rank-and-file member and defend Conway, her fellow woman. In fact, Pelosi essentially gave Richmond a pass by arguing that she had no clue what he said because she wasn’t at the event with him.

This is what she said:

I’m very disappointed in Minority Leader Pelosi,” Conway explained. “No wonder she was a two term Speaker and the majority of the voters were female across the country and they didn’t want her to be Speaker anymore.”

Conway continued:

“I was very disappointed in her. She was either not telling the truth when she said she wasn’t aware [of the comments], or it’s not important enough to her caucus that they would bring this to her attention and ask her, this person who says everyday, ‘This person should resign. This person should recuse. That person should resign. That one should go be impeached.’ She had nothing to say about about a Democratic congressman, a member of her own caucus, issuing such a tasteless, sexist joke, which a lot of liberals in the room did not think was funny.

“This is what happens when you refuse to call yourself a feminist,” Conway added.

Look at the clip that’s going viral!

Old Nancy Pelosi should have retired years ago! She doesn’t have a nice thing to say about any Republican, or a back bone when she needs to stand up and do the right thing!

Like the Democratic party, she is a huge joke!

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